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All our trainers are members of the NKC who generously volunteer both their time and expertise to our classes. Their main priority is to help ensure the dogs they teach remain a welcome member in their home and community as well as to encourage and support participation in dog related activities.

Our Teachers

Dorrie Kirk
Dorrie Kirk has been training and trialing dogs since 1954. Through the years she has personally trained several different breeds of dogs but the ones that will always hold a special place in her heart were her German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers, and Springer Spaniels.
Dorrie has placed several Obedience titles on her dogs and has also achieved many "High in Trial" awards. She has extensive experience in training her Labrador Retrievers in Field Work and proving that life must be lived to it's fullest Dorrie recently became active in Tracking with her dogs as well. In 2002 she quickly placed a TD (Tracking Title) on her Lab "Yeomen" after only 1 season of training.
Dorrie began assisting in the puppy training classes for the Nipissing Kennel Club in 1991 under the supervision of her husband, long time Obedience Judge Peter Kirk and good friend Susan Kindratiuk. Dorrie has now become our Lead Puppy Trainer and has a truly gifted approach with puppies.
Even with all of Dorrie's outstanding accomplishments through the years she says her proudest moment is when she helped her husband Peter to quit smoking by training HIS dog to remove the cigarette from his mouth immediately after he had taught the dog to fetch his cigarettes and lighter for him !

Julie McFadden
Julie was born and raised with her mothers Labrador Retrievers but at the age of 3 obtained her very owned dog, a Border Terrier named Penny. During her youth Julie went on to title many of her own Labrador's and Border terriers in both Conformation and Obedience. Julie is now a Vet Technician for the Callander Animal Hospital and breeds, shows and trials Golden Retrievers under the Rosecrest prefix which she shares with her mom. Julie is also active with her retrievers in the field and she and her dogs have obtained several titles in this area as well. Julie has proven herself to be a very valued and knowledgeable trainer for the NKC.

Linda Purdon
Linda is a Dairy farmer who's main passion in life is cattle and dogs. She has bred Labrador Retrievers for 25 years and Border terriers for 21 years. Linda has not only achieved Championship, Obedience and Working titles on her dogs but has also run and placed in Field Trial minor stakes with her retrievers and is currently a CKC recognized Working Certificate and Hunt Test Judge.

Jamie Veraldi
Jamie is the Nipissing Kennel Club's Training Director in charge of implementing, scheduling and the overall running of our Dog Obedience Classes. She has been training and trialing with her Golden Retrievers under the Eden Kennel prefix since 1998 putting several titles on her dogs including Working and Hunting titles, as well as Obedience, Tracking, and Conformation titles.
Jamie believes all dogs should be awarded an active lifestyle that stimulates both their mental and physical needs. Only through proper socialization and obedience training is it possible for any dog to reach their full potential of being the much desired family pet that is welcome both in the home and in society. Jamie does warn that Dog Training can become infectious opening a whole new world of possibilities for you and your canine friend!


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