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Show Handling/Training Your New Puppy

Training Your Puppy for Conformation Shows
© By Shirley Bell, Bellcrest Boxers Perm Reg'd

Lesson 3- 'Stay'

Next we include the stay while standing. Once I have puppy standing, I add the word 'stay'. Then in future lessons as I increase the standing time, I use the words 'stand stay'.

A happy 'Okay' is the way the puppy knows that I am releasing him/her from the command followed by praise praise praise and a reward.

This is now play time. Time to let the puppy know that this is fun, and he/she has been very good.

As the puppy becomes more accustomed to having his legs placed you can stop using the commands if you want. I continue to use them as later I may want the dog to move a certain foot and he will know what I expect. Your puppy will soon learn to stand/stay. It is my belief that obedience and show training go hand in hand, in fact they compliment one another. Many breeders go nuts when you tell them you have your 'show prospect' in obedience classes!

Show training is just another form of Obedience training. Our dogs are smart enough to distinguish the difference. As you train, your dogs will learn what you expect and you will find that they differentiate between collars/leads. They also watch your body language. Funny enough, though you may not realize it, you move and posture differently depending on what it is you are asking your dog to do.

If you have a breed that should have its tail up while stacked, now is the time to begin teaching him/her to do this. After placing the rear legs in position, slowly bring your hand up under the tail and gently tickle with finger tips saying 'tail up' in a happy voice. Should the puppy resist having its tail touched you must then start touching his tail as often as you can during his daily routine.

While eating, or sleeping, going for a walk or just playing, reach down and tickle under his tail. Remember to say 'tail up' each time you touch the tail. Even if the tail is up during these occasions, tickle the underside, it is good practice.

Soon it will become old hat to him and he will no longer resist having his tail put into the 'tail up' position during a stack. In fact, in no time at all he will be holding the tail up the moment the show lead comes into view. Keep it fun and talk in a happy happy voice. I have even trained one of mine to 'wag wag' on command. A neat trick, and easily done.

Once you think your pup understands what you want during the stand/stay with tail up exercise, you will be ready to move on to the next part of the show training exercise.

If you have questions or need clarification on any of the above, please contact me at Shirley Bell

Handling Introduction
Lesson 1 - Watch Me
Lesson 2 - Stand
Lesson 3 - Stay
Lesson 4 - Baiting (while stacked)
Lesson 5 - Free Baiting (working on this one)

Future lessons not yet completed
Lesson 6 - Straight Down & Back
Lesson 7 - Movement
Lesson 8- Self Stacking
Lesson 9 - Waiting Game
Lesson 10 - Leash Training

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