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The Nipissing kennel club serves North Bay, Ontario and all surrounding areas. All our members are committed to the preservation and advancement of purebred dogs and strive to promote friendship and goodwill among dog fanciers and the community. 

The club participates in many public education events and holds 6 Conformation Show annually on the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend in Trout Creek, Ontario.

At this time we offer on-going "members only" training sessions

For More Information  about the NKC or if would like to attend one of our meetings as a guest or guest speaker please contact :

Our meetings are always held on the 4th Tuesday of each month at Kudos Restaurant located in Powassan.

The Nipissing Kennel Club welcomes new member applicants who are  passionate, enthusiastic and committed to learning about the sport of purebred dogs as well as to those who wish to share their time, knowledge and experience.

NKC Meeting Schedule 


Membership Requirements

Membership Application Form 

Nipissing Kennel Club Inc
PO Box 491
Callander, On
P0H 1H0

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